3.5 Predictions for 2012

One thing is certain, 2011 saw explosive growth in people using their PCs and mobile devices to watch TV shows, movies and videos, and that trend will only grow in the new year. The video web has evolved beyond the early adoption phase, and for companies building infrastructure to support this explosive demand, 2012 will be demanding with focus on meeting the needs of all stakeholders.

Here are our three (and a half) video predictions for 2012.

credit: ooyala.com

courtesy: ooyala.com

1. Consumers will drive the industry
With more quality video available than ever dreamed of, Consumers will gain new tools to discover, control and enjoy more personally relevant and entertaining experiences across their viewing devices. As a result, viewing habits will shift and a rapidly growing percentage of Producers previously considered irrelevant/non-existent will arise to see gains in video views, viewers and revenue opportunities. Traditional TV show viewing will continue to see erosion due to shifts in consumer attention.


2. The Video Value Chain will begin to fuse 
Platforms will evolve that logically enable advertising and sponsorship of Producers/Distributors. Systematically, established brands and small-to-medium sized advertisers will directly connect with producers and pay for sponsorship of individual video and/or entire channels. By year-end, this value exchange will have explosive impact on the entire ecosystem.


credit: Louis CK

3. Louis CK becomes the benchmark
Ten 10 days and $1M later, comedian Louis C.K. proves there is a model in pay-per-view. His “Live at the Beacon Theatre” comedy special simply released on his web site for $5 via PayPal becomes the benchmark for the online pay-per-view paradigm. This will have significance in the way producers/distributors think about their monetization strategies.


3.5 And finally, an increase in “live” video produced by traditional news and sports brands will take the online spotlight by mid-year.


About Gary Baker

Gary Baker is the founder and CEO of Clipblast Inc., whose products include Griddeo.com, the personal video network, and ClipBlast, a pioneer of online video aggregation, organization, distribution and search worldwide.

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Griddeo reviewed by GigaOM

We’re pleased with the review we received today from Ryan Lawler at GigaOM . If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.

In a nutshell, the article reflects our main purpose – to give users throughout the world the tools to simply create their own “personal video network” of Channels that can be watched in a continuous stream, like TV.

The Griddeo backbone has been indexing and organizing video sources and video from across the web since 2005 for the purpose of making it easy for users to discover and watch the TV shows, movies and video they want, while simultaneously making it simple for producers/distributors to be found, viewed and earn revenue.

As Ryan Lawler’s article explains, “Once a user has logged in with Facebook, Griddeo uses information from their likes and interests on the social network to suggest channels that they might be interested in… Users can also choose from a list of featured or suggested channels, which include TV shows, movies and musicians, but also extends to celebrities and brands. And finally, they can create custom channels from videos that they’ve found on the network and share those channels with their friends.

Griddeo is like TV, but because each video network is personalized by it’s “owner”, Griddeo is smarter than TV.

“For example, when new videos from those channels are added by the producer/distributor, they will automatically be added to a user’s Channel. So if you subscribe to Modern Family, for instance, new episodes will be available in Griddeo, and you will be notified, as soon as they appear on Hulu.”

One of the many benefits of Griddeo is the depth and breadth of Channels users add to their network – all for free. Interestingly, while Griddeo users gravitate to highly prestigious and popular TV shows from the top networks and known movies from the majors, they become equally excited to discover and watch Channels of professional content from their favorite bands, celebrities, companies, alma maters, professional sports teams, politicians, brands, news sources and more, suggesting that Griddeo is not just changing  how we watch, but what we watch.




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How-to Griddeo: Create your own video network

To get started building your Griddeo video network, simply login through Facebook and Griddeo will instantly create your channels based on Likes and Interests.

Create your Griddeo video network now. Click here.

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Welcome to Griddeo: its personal tv.

On Monday, 7/11/2011, Griddeo was quietly launched into beta.

Griddeo is the open video network that powers personal tv for everyone.

Our reason for being is simple;  the video web must be open and reliable so each of us can control and enjoy our own video viewing experience.

That includes video producers/distributors and advertisers, as well.

And why not? Since we began organizing and indexing the video web over five years ago, the web has exploded to become the largest video distribution platform in history.  Tens of thousands of tv producers, public figures, companies and brands, bands, artists, institutions and more are producing and distributing great visual entertainment and information that should be seen, enjoyed and shared.

And apparently we are watching. Over 83% of Americans are using our internet connected devices more and more to view tv shows, movies and video from around the world.

Yet, the video web is a hodgepodge of sources and inconsistent experiences that deserves better.

Griddeo makes it simple for everyone to start building and growing their own video network.

Based on your interests and desires, Griddeo makes it easy to discover and simply add your channels that you can instantly enjoy watching from your personalized screen.

On the other side of  ”the grid”, video and tv producers/distributors gain valuable direct access to consumers interested in your content. Griddeo’s simple tools give producers/distributors instant distribution plus options that include setting the rules for earning revenue through ad-support, pay-per-view and subscription.

Ever since ClipBlast Inc. began organizing and indexing the video web more than five years ago, we’ve been hard at work enabling Griddeo, the world’s first open video network that powers personal TV for everybody.

Our plans are to continuously build upon and improve both the user experience as well as the back-end support for producers/distributors to match their content with advertisers/sponsors and bring true value to all participants of the video web.

Today, Griddeo is on the pc. By the end of the 2011, we will be on the tablets and connected tvs.

Move over Oprah; soon everyone will have their own personal video network!

Ready to begin building your personal video network? click here.







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The Distribution Democracy

I enjoyed Om MOm Malikalik’s article, The Distribution Democracy and the Future of Media. Particularly the reference to television and how, like the music, radio, newspaper and magazine industries, the internet and wireless have effectively removed the “spectrum barriers” and control by a handful of media conglomerates, and democratized distribution for everybody.

“Over 5 or ten years, fiber optics and the wireless explosion will completely crush the business models of old media companies and industries,” Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, said in an interview with McKinsey & Co. “For companies focused on content and distribution, distribution just goes away.” Schmidt rightfully argued that there is no need to think of content types by the distribution network they are tied to, because there will be one single network.

The second point I find more concerning. Om draws our attention to the side effect of this new distribution democracy and the sheer volume of information that is coming at us from all sides. Quoting Andrew Haldane, an economist from the Bank of England, “The torrent of information threatens to drown us and encourages short-term thinking. The neurological impacts to technological innovation of the World Wide Web, may have caused a permanent neurological rewiring, as did previous technological revolutions such as the printing press and typewriter.”

These points lead to the conclusion that “the concept of what is media needs to be rethought and re-imagined — and that also means that we need to start rethinking our tools of measurement and methods of monetization.”

I couldn’t agree more. What’s also concerning is that these changes are happening so fast, that those creators and distributors need the monetization piece to catch up before they conclude it’s not worth the investment.

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Become a Griddeo Beta-Tester

Oh happy day!

Are you a cord-cutter? You’re in for a treat.

Today I am excited to be announcing the “coming out” for Griddeo. What is Griddeo, you ask?

Griddeo is your personal video network (think “Pandora for Video”). What makes Griddeo so unique is it allows each of us to watch, personalize and socialize the entire video web through one simple and relevant tool.

Griddeo has been over five years in the making. Soon we will be taking the lid off and sharing it with the world. But before we do, we are seeking a handful of folks who love to watch TV, movies and video on their PC, and can give us feedback and impressions over the next few weeks.

If you’re interested in joining the beta test, or you know friends who fit the bill, simply click here include your name email address below and we’ll put you on the early beta list.

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